Friday, March 13, 2015

In the world of beauty there are endless tips and rules. Rules not so much but tips we should all ImageProxy.mvcknow. Here are some AVONBeauty Tips For you!
Tip #1 If you make a mistake doing your eye makeup, no need to worry, just dab AVON Moisture Effect Eye Makeup Remover Lotion on a Q-tip for a quick fix.
Tip #2 Always Apply Beyond Color Pumping Lip Conditioner Before applying your lipstick. Specially when using a brighter color.
Tip #3 To make your nail color show, use a white polish to make your pastel colors more vibrant.
Tip #4 Always use a right tool for the job. A blending brush is a must for blending two eye colors and to give your eyes depth and contour.
Tip #5 Use your fingers to apply your AVON Foundation if you want a sheer, more natural coverage. Use a brush for medium to full coverage.

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