Sunday, January 11, 2015

My AVON Story

Today i felt like writing something straight from my heart. I post so much about AVON promotions and products. Yes today’s post is also about AVON but i am not promoting anything today, I  am only writing why i started AVON & how i feel about selling AVON.
I started selling AVON in September 2014. The reason i joined AVON was very simple. I was (i am) staying home with my daughter since the day she was born, I didn’t leave her out of my sight even for a day. She is my priority! But i still wanted to work.I was looking for an opportunity to work around my family’s life style and schedule. I didn’t want to miss out on things that happen when you have a baby. So i gave AVON a try. I remember filling out the online form. A lady called me the next day. I talked to her and decided that i wasn’t the right fit for AVON. Yes…i said NO! I was too scared to take a chance, I was too nervous to start something new. I was too doubtful about my own ability  to get out there and talk to people about AVON. I was too comfortable where my life was. SO I SAID NO. Couple of months later another rep called me from AVON. I talked to her. Thought about it. Talked to my husband. Talked to my friends. Everyone told me to give it a try. For only $15 i could take a chance. I could at least try and see if this was something i could actually do. I remember the day i called my Unit leader and told her i was ready to join AVON. A company i didn’t know much about. A company i had heard about. A company whose products i had used here and there. A company that’s famous for helping women reach their goals and dreams.
I joined AVON. I called my friends and family even the ones out of state. Everyone was excited for me. Everyone helped me get started, everyone already knew AVON so i didn’t have to work too hard. I emailed everyone as soon as i had my website up and running. Next step was letting all my neighbors know. That wasn’t as difficult as i had thought. My first two “face to face” sales where actually my neighbors.
3 months later, i have some online customers who buy from my website all the time (including family and friends) i have some really loyal face to face customers, one in particular who has been ordering every single campaign ….yes every campaign. I have one team member. I adore my Unit Leader. I love working from home, I love the fact that i have a satisfaction of earning my own money & last but not the least, i have found a great e-friend because of AVON (yes i am talking about you…now stop smiling)
I am so glad that i decided to join AVON. I have some big big plans for my career with AVON and i see my self 5 years from now living my dream. Yes it might not be as easy as i want it to be but i had to start somewhere and i am so glad that i did!

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